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Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

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Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup
Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup
Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank
Blue weighted straw sippy cup
Blue Straw Sippy Cup In Retail Packaging
Red weighted straw cup for toddlers
Red Lollacup from shark Tank in packaging
Green Weighted Straw Sippy Cup
Green Sippy Cup in retail packaging
Orange Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw
Orange Sippy Cup with Straw in Packaging
Black weighted straw sippy cup
Black Sippy Cup in Retail packaging
Turquoise Sippy Cup with weighted straw
Turquoise Sippy Cup in packaging
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank in Bugaboo cup holder
Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup - Made in USA - As seen on ABC's hit show, Shark Tank
Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup
Pink Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw
Lollacup - Weighted Straw Sippy Cup



Great cup to teach sucking skills

This is a great cup to teach straw drinking. Is it leak proof? No, but for many kids that is a pro. I have a child with a cleft lip and palate who was having difficulty learning how to suck.

Cups with straws that had the no-spill valve were impossible for him to drink from. He learned how to drink from this cup and does amazing with it. As both a mom and feeding therapist, I would recommend this cup for any child who is having difficulty learning how to suck.

This is the only cup that I have found to teach sucking that also has a weighted straw to stay centered in the liquid and does not allow the child to pull out the straw with his or her teeth. so, although it can be messy when the child throws or drops it, it is totally worth it.

JChee   - 5 Star Review

5 stars just aren't enough!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!! I researched probably 20 different cups before deciding on this one. I was still a little hesitant. My 8 month old has never taken a bottle or regular sippy cup.

His feeding therapist suggested a straw cup, so we introduced the honey bear cup that they use for feeding therapy. He was interested in it and taking a few sips, so I decided to do research and order him a cup that would be extremely easy for him to use, and that he could use for a while.

The Lollaland cup is that and more. As soon as I took it out of the packaging (it was very well packaged by the way) he was interested in it. I quickly washed it, and within minutes he was using it! It requires very little effort to drink from. Easy to hold handles, great design, appealing to kids. I was worried about it breaking, but it has already been dropped a couple times and is fine. I also love that it has a lid. While purchasing, I actually didn't realize it has a weighted straw, but that's also a huge plus! It does leak a little, but that was not a deal breaker for me. Overall this cup is exactly what I was looking for and more. Definitely recommend. I will be purchasing another.

Kayla V  - 5 Star Review

Finally a sippy that works for us!

We absolutely love this cup, in fact since purchasing the red one I'm reviewing we've purchased 6 more in various colors.

Not only is this cup really cute, it's incredibly functional. Before you ask, yes it leaks. In my experience most sippy cups do, if they don't they've been too hard for my daughter to drink from. I wasn't looking for a cup that had zero leakage, I was, however, looking for a USA made, BPA free, dishwasher safe, plastic cup with a lid and valve-free straw that would be easy for my daughter to hold and drink from. Check, check, and check.

The handles are a great size for little hands to get a good grip on, and I love that they're removable for cleaning. The valve-free straw allows my little girl to get as much liquid as she likes without the complicated mouth movements the valved variety require.

There are clear markings on the side so I know how many ounces she's getting. I also like the fact that the straw comes apart, I feel like it's easier to clean. The straw is also wider than most other sippy straws and that makes it easier to clean, too.

It's durable also. These cups have been dropped and thrown with no damage at all. If your kid turns it upside down, yes you'll have liquid on the floor, but this cup is amazing. It is the only sippy style cup we use now. If you're on the fence this mom says buy! Before Lollacup my daughter wouldn't drink anything except breast milk straight from the source. We tried tons of different brands and styles of sippy cups and this is the only one she liked.



A traditional Sippy cup encourages the tongue to move forward and backward, which is an immature tongue pattern used in suckling!



  •  Helps your child to develop some of the precise oral movements needed for clear speech, such as lip rounding, 
  • Teaches your little one dissociative movements of the tongue, jaw and lips…this means that the lips, jaw and tongue move independently in order to draw the liquid from the straw.
  • Develops essential facial muscles more than cup drinking.
  • For children who are having difficulty handling thin liquids, you can continue to thicken the fluid with our cups!


  • There is NO VALVE which allows the least amount of suction than all other valve cups in the market.
  • There is no stigma associated with the cup.  It's used by ALL CHILDREN over a wide variety of ages.  
  • You don't appear to be feeding your child Honey!  (Apparently this is a real thing)
  • The playful, toy like feel of the cup make it a favorite for all children.