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The holidays can be a stressful time of year.

You can make it better by creating a routine that gets you and the kids up and going. Daniel Sherwin of shared the following withs us.

Here are some tips for creating an energizing start to your day:

Tips for a less stressful morning routine

Additional Holiday Morning Routine Resources:

  1. Advice on establishing a successful morning routine for kids
  2. Outsource what you can - e.g. hire a dog walker
  3. How to de-stress your morning routine
  4. Tips on how to get the kids to school on time
  5. A revolutionary morning routine hack for kids - play music

Now that you know how to energize your mornings, you’ll be ready to take on holiday planning. Pull out the warm slippers and Grandma’s favorite recipes and go for it. You’ve got it covered.


Belated Holiday Post by LollaDAD

Posted on January 08, 2013 by Hanna Lim


While it's nice to be back in the swing of things, I already miss the holidays.  I love the spirit of giving, the family get-togethers, the hugs, the smiles, and who doesn’t love receiving gifts?  To be honest, our family gatherings have shrunk over the years.  While that makes me sad, I love spending precious time with my growing immediate family.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my little girls happily prance around during Christmas-time.  This year’s most memorable moment has to be my younger daughter scarfing down the remains of Santa’s cookies before the rest of us woke up.  Is there anything cuter than the guilty smiling crumb-filled face of a 3-year old?

A lot of folks like to also use this time of year to reflect, make resolutions, and start with a clean slate.  Some people think making resolutions are a bad idea but personally I love them.  In my opinion, what’s wrong with making goals for yourself?  We make projections and goals every year for our small business and even though we didn’t hit all of our marks, should we stop making lofty goals and give up?

Here are my 2013 personal resolutions:

-       Take Hanna out on a date at least once a month (failed to do so in 2012)
-       Trim off 15 pounds by June (This one hurts the most)
-       Spend quality time with each child individually once in awhile (ie, trip to beach, dinner-date, hiking, etc)
-       Read 1 book a month (6 leisure/6 business)

What about you?  Do you have any resolutions?


Family Traditions and Heirlooms

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Hanna Lim

I attended a Sip-and-See this past weekend and was reminded why I like these types of showers so much. First, you get to meet, hold, and gush over the new baby. My second, more selfish reason, is that it's such a nice outing for me (sans children and husband): chatting with friends, enjoying good food and drinks, and engaging in lots of laughter. What could be better?

As the new mother opened gifts, her mother (the baby's grandmother), gifted something that blew my mind (and inspired me to blog about it). A close neighbor of the grandmother had hand-knitted a beautiful ensemble as a gift for her when she had her daughter back in the 70s. It included a beautiful white dress, romper, bonnet, and matching blanket. My friend actually sported this adorable outfit as a child! Well, the grandma had kept this whole set in mint condition (I didn't know it was possible for fabric to stay so white!) and packaged it beautifully to present to her daughter and new granddaughter at this sip-and-see. It literally brought me to tears. It was such a thoughtful gift, and it was just another reminder how much mothers (and fathers) love us and think so deeply about their children.

I came home and began thinking about what I would want to pass on to my own daughters at their sip-and-see's. The whole concept of family heirlooms and family traditions is so special. They stand for so many things - the immense love and caring within a family, family values and culture, a family's beliefs and ideals, their history, etc. I come from an immigrant family that's been uprooted several times, and I feel like a lot of "stuff" has gotten lost with each big move. Yes, I grew up hearing amazing stories and seeing photos, but I don't have much in the way of tangible heirlooms or even traditions. I am determined to start my own traditions with my family and maybe one day, my daughters' kids will be blogging about their own beautiful family traditions and heirlooms.

Well, I got the following idea from someone in a Parent Ed. class I attended when my daughter was a newborn, and the reason I love it and have been able to follow-through with this particular tradition is because I love everything about the Christmas holiday. So, I buy 1 ornament for each daughter every Christmas and label it with a tag noting the year and why I chose that particular ornament. The plan is to have a complete "collection" of ornaments (that tell great stories) to present to my daughters as a wedding/shower gift.

Do you have any favorite family traditions or any ideas for those wanting to start their own? I'd love to hear what other families are doing!