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Complete Mealtime Bundle

Complete Mealtime Bundle

$45.00 USD $51.00 USD

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You'll be all-set for mealtime with Lollaland's Complete Mealtime Bundle. It also makes the ultimate, grab-and-go gift for any baby shower or 1st birthday party. You're sure to be "the one" who's gifting THE brand that all the celebrities use!

Babies can learn to sip from a straw as early as 6-months-old and many babies start on "solids" around 6-months-old, as well, so this makes a fantastic go-to gift for any baby-related event. The Lollacup and Mealtime Set are 100% made in USA with the safest, quality materials, and 

Lollaland's Go-To Gift includes:

  • 1 Lollacup Straw Sippy Cup ($16 value)
  • 1 Mealtime Set that includes 1 each of Lollaland's best-selling plate, bowl, and dipping cup. ($20 value)
  • 1 Toddler Utensil Set that includes 2 spoons, 2 forks, and 1 hygienic travel/storage pouch. ($15 value)